About Clarity

A magazine, a resource and a friend, fit for your handbag... 

Clarity was launched in 2016, when our founder and editor, Taylor, was just 19 years old.
“I grew up reading glossy women’s and girls’ mags, living and breathing them! It was when I became a Christian, at around the age of 16 that I realised I wanted more for my life than what these magazines seem to imply. The Bible is full of promise, advice, and excitement. And I couldn’t help but wonder where that was in the media industry! Getting slimmer, sleeping around and mascara sales didn’t quite cut it anymore…"
Our readers have made Clarity Magazine possible. The business was kickstarted - the first print was funded by the public. And to this day, we have seen the miracle of receiving exactly the funds we need to print every time the deadline arrives. Our team are all volunteers, but as we grow, we dream of beginning to employ a stable workforce. You can now give towards Taylor's salary here: 
Clarity contains real topics. And we’re all in this together. We cover sex, relationships, beauty, health, world, career and more. Our grace-filled features discuss the nitty-gritty, the light and bright, the seasons of trial, and the promised future. Whether you are a Christian or just searching for something new, Clarity aims to bring a fresh perspective and captivating freedom.
We’ll let the mag speak for itself. Take a flick through our virtual sample! It features previous articles, advice and real-life stories from Clarity Magazines of the past…