Why we're not saying All Lives Matter - our top 3 analogies.

Why we're not saying All Lives Matter - our top 3 analogies.

As social media feeds are filled with #BlackLivesMatter there are the occasional questions as to why we aren't saying "All lives matter!". While we agree that they do, it's really important for us to understand why this is a time to lift up black people and proclaim their worth. We also need to understand that black people are not asking to be superior but to be seen and valued.  
For those who haven't quite caught up, we've collated our favourite online examples to explain the 'mystery'... Enjoy. 

"All bones Matter" 
A Facebook friend of ours, Dan Osaya, absolutely smashed it with this description: "If I break a bone in my body and I go to a doctor to receive treatment, the doctor doesn’t give me a full body x-ray saying: 'all bones matter.' The doctor also doesn’t treat the area and make it the best bone in my body. The doctor treats the affected area and brings it back to the same standard as the rest of my bones. That’s what #blacklivesmatter means." 

Imagine a doctor trying to treat every bone in your body, just in case they'd be left out, when treating your broken arm. Or trying to make your arm the superior bone. It's ridiculous. And the same goes for not making sure health and justice is restored within the brokenness caused by systemic racism. 

"The 99 sheep matter" 
We loved this incredible unpacking of Luke 15, in which Jesus goes after the one sheep and leaves behind the 99. Does he care any less about the sheep in the majority? No. Do all the sheep matter? Yes. But this is a moment in which Jesus prioritises the only sheep that is at risk, that is in danger, that could be hurt by enemies. 
This post was spotted on both Chris Tomlinson's and Pastor Manny Arteaga's Instagram, and we have to say, it's a top contender.

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"All libraries matter" 

We've loved seeing major magazines make a stand on this topic. We especially loved comments from Rachel Elizabeth Cargle in her article for Harper's Bazaar:
"At a community fundraiser for a decaying local library, you would never see a mob of people from the next city over show up angry and offended yelling, “All libraries matter!”—especially when theirs is already well-funded. This is because there is a fundamental understanding that when the parts of society with the most pain and lack of protection are cared for, the whole system benefits." Spot on Rachel. 

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And if you still need a little more elaboration... 

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