What is Galentines?

What is Galentines?

All you need to know about the trending all-girls event...

Rebekah Dixon

What is Galentines?
Valentine’s day, love or hate it, seems to come around every year. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s cards are sent, and Great Britain alone spends 980 million pounds on the international day of love. However, we’re suggesting going on a break with dated Roman festivals! Instead, we're appreciating the ladies in our life. Welcoming, 'Galentines'... Featured on hit show ‘Parks and Recreation’, Galentine’s took the US by storm and is starting to become popular in the UK. Life gets so busy, so this one is for those who forget to meet up with their friends, or say they’ll call, and never do. Celebrated on the 13th (lucky for us!) instead of the 14th, it’s a whole day dedicated to showing love and gratefulness to all your female comrades. Plus in 2018 it's pancake day! If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, we don’t know what will...

Why Galentines?
Not everybody spends their hard earned money on fleeting fancies and chocolates (at least not for someone else!). For some of us, the windows of hearts and balloons are enough to make us queasy. Plus, what about those loving life as a single? The proportion of single 20-30s in the UK is at its highest in 50 years! 60% of women are single and looking for a partner. But with great friends, not everyone needs an other half! For many of us, it would take a huge chunk of our time and energy. So instead, get together with your closest friends to build each other up, share love, memories and friendship. It’s so great to have good friends who are with you through thick and thin.

Who for?
It’s not just for singles! We’re pretty sure those who are living with a man, know how great it is to get out and have some girl time. As it’s the night before V-day, there’s time for a two-day appreciation fest for those who have a husband at home. Regardless of our marital status, studies have shown that 1/10 of us don’t have a close girlfriend. So show those you value some love! Why not seek out those who may be without a friend this season. Nothing says I’m grateful for having you around than giving those people your time. The same goes for family members. Why not pop a card in the post to thank your mum, sister, grandmother, cousin, for being one of your female rocks. And what about your church or workplace? Getting Galentines on the agenda could be a great way to meet and greet newbies in need of a friend. Why not suggest planning an event in the future?

How to Galentines?
You know your friends much better than we do, so weigh up the possibilities. Are they up for a laugh or something more relaxing? Do they prefer going out or staying in? Got a husband? Why not send the guys out on a lads night (they need time together as much as us!), and become a hostess? It's pancake day this year, so a perfect opportunity to get creative. Make your event inclusive and simple by grabbing ‘free-from’ food for any intolerances. Coffee mornings are always a great shout, especially if you’ve invited some keen bakers. Or why not get booked in for an upcoming chick-flick, that the guys would roll their eyes at anyway. Still stuck for ideas? Check out this issue's quiz on page 26 to find out the best way to celebrate with your fellow ladies. Don’t forget to send us your Galentines snaps on Instagram too @claritymaguk!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash
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