The stand-out summer: Do something different

The stand-out summer: Do something different

We're all looking for a life changing season. Experience a summer of love with Mission Direct...

Deadlines done. Term ends. We’re all looking to make this summer ‘one to remember’. Our Pinterest boards boast snaps of food, music, swimming spots, and often we end up sinking into repetitive summer habits. Almost half of us will contribute to the £1.2 billion spent at summer music festivals, while a quarter of us will end up clicking on social media travel ads. Meanwhile, 4 million members of humanity will tune into the ‘Love’ Island final. Let’s not be a statistic. Clarity wants this summer to stand out so we’re teaming with Mission Direct to bring you four summer events/trips that are sure to change more than just your world.

Summer Term
Whether you’re a teacher who’s collapsed after a busy term or your schedule just fits into school timings, you could get the regeneration you need by experiencing school life from a different perspective. This summer, you could help build a classroom (don’t worry - there are actual builders there!) for students who are desperate for an education. Reach your new-found potential in Uganda, Dominican Republic or Zambia. Classes often contain 100 students or more; sometimes, the entire school year has to be taught in the same room! Partner with teachers around the world to share your skills and knowledge. You could even get involved with the building process!

Summer Lovin’
4 million viewers will tune into the (questionably named) ‘Love’ Island finale to discover who will win the big £50,000. Here, we’re inviting you to experience true love in the sun this season. Love is more than just physical intimacy. It’s friendship, sacrifice, commitment and community. Join a team to Kenya and support projects which help young women escape problematic relationships. According to the latest Demographic Health Survey (2014), around 21% of girls in Kenya undergo Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)- though amongst some tribes this is as high as 96%. Around a quarter of girls in the country are forced into early marriage (some as young as 12 years old), often to a much older man. You’ll also help build a new maternity unit, showing women here that there are people that care and that, together, we can make change happen. Join us in spreading true love – His love.

Summer Spending
We know we spend more money when the sun is out. There’s food, music, events and more! So why not travel somewhere where you’ll still experience these things, while also seeing your money result in life-long friendships and change the future? 57% of Brits spend up to £200 more a month in the sun, not to mention the yearly £35 billion spent on self-tan, when the UK clouds come in. So why not put aside some monthly dollar to make a difference. Experience first hand the music of the street girls at the Vision of Hope rescue home in Zambia. Taste the delights of fish fresh from the ocean in Sierra Leone. You’ll still be soaking in your summer glow, but you’ll be bringing light to others too. Not only will you experience a different culture and awe-inspiring wildlife, but you’ll show people who feel forgotten that there are people who care enough to swap their summer spending spree for change that counts.

Summer Spirit
With the opportunity to claw back some time this summer, why not focus some of that on building up your faith? Volunteers who have embarked on a trip with Mission Direct can vouch that these experiences will challenge and renew your faith significantly. And whilst your faith is being shaped, you’ll also be helping to shape someone else’s future; whether it’s by building a classroom to enable more children to go to school in Sierra Leone, working on the streets of Zambia to reunite children with family or rescue centres, or building a family a home in Cambodia.
‘I have been on six trips with Mission Direct now – four of them to Uganda - and every time I go, I am struck by the God-fueled joy of the people I encounter and the praise they give Jesus in their circumstances. Seen by the world as ‘poor’, these communities are so much richer spiritually – and I don’t think that’s ‘despite’ having very little – I think it is because they have so little that their faith is richer – there’s more room for it.’ Ellie Biggs, MD volunteer

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