The New Mum Column : G is for Growing

The New Mum Column : G is for Growing

Written by : Nikki Featherstone

Nikki’s back with her mummy musings, and we’ve arrived at G! G is for… Growing, and it's all about that bump. Enjoy...

They see me growin’, they commentin’...

When I was pregnant, a lot of people discussed my ever-growing bump. They’d say: “Ooh, look how much you’ve grown!”... “Only five months?!”...“You sure it’s not twins?”.

The comments were endless. I wanted to say: “I assure you, stranger, that there is only one baby growing in there. Now please be careful as I am a pregnant lady on the edge!” To be honest, the first few times I didn’t mind these remarks because I was so desperate for a bump that when people noticed I was thrilled. But receiving these comments week in, week out, began to take its toll. I became paranoid.

“Am I really THAT big?,” I would ask Dan. “Does my bump look big in this?”
I remember the terror on his face as he tried to figure out the most diplomatic answer. Is there a right answer? Not only was I worried about how I looked, but I also wondered how big my munchkin was going to be. As a first-time mum, I didn’t know if there was a correlation between the size of my bump and the size of my baby and that scared me. However, the idea that having a big bump means you’re going to have a big baby is an old wife's tale which has very little merit. As soon as a woman falls pregnant, her levels of the female hormone progesterone increase. This can cause bloating and may make the stomach swell, so it looks like she has a ‘big bump’.

What I am trying to say is that - whether you’re neat and petite, big and blooming, sitting high or swinging low - baby bumps come in all shapes and sizes. When I look back at my bump and how it protected my wonderful baby, I am in awe of what my body is capable of! When I would stare at my bump and realise it’s growing life, I worried less about the size of my bump and appreciated what was happening more. Own that bump ladies, let’s encourage and remind each other how beautiful and radiant we are. ‘Let us stop passing judgement on one another’ (Romans 14:13).

Image credit: Fallon Michael on Unsplash 
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