The curly girl's guide to hair products

The curly girl's guide to hair products

We unpack the best and worst ingredients to use...

Written by Solène Bryson - MAY 2017

There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ remedies when it comes to finding products to use. Only through learning about curl concepts (featured in the Summer issue of Clarity!), and often through a lot of trial and error, can you find what is right for you. But to set you on the right course, we’ve got some ‘go-to’ and ‘run-from’ ingredients in our love / lose list...


Coconut Oil
This well known natural hair treatment is used as both a moisturiser and sealant, and provides shine. Not bad for your kitchen cupboard recipes too!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Just as a salad dressing loves this oil, it works well at sealing moisture as it penetrates into the shaft of the hair (bonus points as not many oils do this).

Aloe Vera
This can support hair growth, moisturise and combat dandruff, revitalise hair and detangle difficult curls!

Shea Butter
High in fatty acids, it can be used as a layer of oil to place onto our hair, which acts as a sealant, thus helping us lock in that needed moisture.

Jojoba Oil Extract
This oil is similar to our hair sebum thus it works wonders for preserving moisture and balancing oil production from our scalp.


Mineral oil & petroleum
Mineral oil derives from crude oil (petroleum). These are not moisturisers but coat the hair, acting like a plastic wrap, preventing moisture from penetrating it.

While some are harmless, others are unhealthy. They’re great for giving the illusion of sleek hair but can block moisture and also weigh down finer hair. Silicone can also attract dirt.

Bad alcohol
Not all are bad, but the ones found in antifreeze and unfortunately, in hair products, dry out our hair. (Avoid: Isopropyl alchohol, Ethanol, Propanol, Chlorine, Propylene glycol).

PEG : Polyethylene Glycol
This ingredient is also used in making cleansers to dissolve grease and thicken products. Good for the kitchen cleaner, not for your hair.

Sulfates and detergents
When dissolved in water they remove dirt from surfaces, however, it has been found to irritate the scalp and contribute to dryer hair.

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