The Coronavirus prayer list

The Coronavirus prayer list

One of the best ways to gain some perspective and keep our minds right is to pray. We’ve broken down some prayer points into three sections - great for individual inspiration, or a group prayer session. While these are just a few ideas, we hope they’ll get you started and passionate about prayer - it’s the best policy…

Our perspective:
Pray about who God is. Even in our worry we can acknowledge his power, sovereignty and kindness. Let’s hand over any fear to Him, and remember how huge He is! Ask God for his perspective on people and His creation. Love is key at this time, even for those who take the last anti-bac soap from the shelves. Thank God for forgiving us and welcoming all people and nations into relationship with Him. Pray for forgiveness for any words or thoughts that may have shown your bad side during Corona-gate.

Our vulnerable neighbours:
Pray for those who feel unsafe at home. For them, the idea of self-isolating may bring worry and anxiety. Pray that families will be restored in this time and that the social care industry will be protected. Pray for the NHS staff who, while working with the sick, can’t afford to get sick themselves! Give thanks for their jobs and their willingness to care for us. Pray for those without free healthcare. That God would protect them and give wisdom and provide for their communities.

Our economy:
Pray for students worldwide, many of whom are having exams deferred and will be unable to graduate, which may have a knock-on effect on their job opportunities and welfare. Pray for people’s jobs to be protected, as companies cut back on investment and tighten their purse strings. This crisis is likely to have a knock-on effect on our economy in the longer term. Pray for global relations and for governments to work together to protect everyone, and not just their own needs.

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