The Clarity coronavirus survival kit.

The Clarity coronavirus survival kit.

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused a bit of a stir across our nation. While the available details on self-preservation are small, we’ve got your backs with the Clarity survival kit. Our instructions are not just to protect your health, but to protect humanity. We’re looking further than ourselves and getting prepared for positive action…

C is for: Clean your hands, with soap, for 20 seconds. We’ve all heard this before, but it’s worth another mention! Wash your hands more often, especially when eating, meeting, or travelling.

O is for: Organisations that support the needy. Think charities, food banks, care homes. Many of these teams are unable to provide for people who need it most. If you have more snacks and supplies than you need, send some their way.

R is for: Real people. The Coronavirus headlines affect everyone differently. Cursing others, scaring others, and fighting others is just a no no for any sense of community or hope.

O is for: Organise your home. Cleaning and counting is important. If you’re sharing with others, it’s important to keep things clean! If someone who lives with you comes down with symptoms, encourage the household to wash the bath, sink and surfaces especially. Organising your kitchen cupboards, buying only necessities, and making use of what you have instead of stockpiling is also a win!

N is for: Numbers. Using trusted sources is key. The media don’t often report on the positive facts and figures that show how many have already recovered. We can also be wise about the stretched numbers of NHS staff and beds, making sure not to waste their resources and following the NHS Coronavirus instructions.

A is for: Ask for help. If you’re unwell, it’s best to ask others to drop off what you need instead of popping to the shops! Be sure to ask to video chat friends when feeling lonely too. If you’re still at work, now is also the time to ask your employers about working from home and any other concerns.

V is for: Vulnerable people. This stretches way beyond the elderly and into territories like social care, domestic violence and refugees. This is a worldwide issue and it’s important to remember and support those who may feel less safe at home, or in their own countries.

I is for: Identity. For those who would call themselves Christians, it’s important to remember that while this situation is important, and God is hugely concerned for it, our identity goes way beyond any illness, bank balance, or pasta drought. Acting accordingly will change the nation!

R is for: Remember the grandparents. As the elderly are the most vulnerable group, with many staying indoors, don’t forget to pick up the phone and call those in your family, church and community for a good old chinwag. Keep it positive, and don’t rush to hang up!

U is for: Understand our privilege. To be fighting over toilet roll really paints a picture of how blessed we truly are. Realising that so many around the world are living without food, supplies and in a constant state of fear, with or without the virus, really brings perspective.

S is for: Symptoms. If you’re experiencing the beginnings of a cold, it’s best to stay at home until you’re more aware of whether your sniffle should be taken seriously. While you may be OK, it’s important not to pass on your illness to those who are vulnerable.

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