Screen space : Getting time away from the screens

Screen space : Getting time away from the screens

Screen time can cause many of the issues we complain of in the day to day, but why is it so hard to get off the 'grid'...

Written by Taylor Satchell Reid

Media can sometimes ignore what we all know - screen time is a key player in mental, relational and physical problems. Now we love a bit of scrolling and searching but here’s some support in taking some time unplugged. 

Listening instead of scrolling through stories and studies you’ve always wanted to read will keep your eyes off your phone and make the most of your commute. According to Forbes and Publishers Weekly, audiobook sales are increasing by 20% each year! Many people are buying multiple books, so it seems they're swapping bookshop browsing for online app searches. While it can take a chapter or two to get used to, we’d totally recommend! Bluetooth headphones or listening on a speaker at home can also keep your phone further away from that millennial grip. Check your iBooks, Google Books or apps like Audible and get started with a sample…

Voice notes
We don't know about you, but trying to find the right time for friendship and family phone calls can seem near impossible. The result? A steady flow of messages and emojis, across multiple threads that rarely hit the spot on an emotional level. So why not send voice notes instead? Leaving your friends these types of messages on Facebook and WhatsApp gives them time to think, and send their message back, all the while protecting your eyes and mind from screen time. Plus it’s almost as if they're in the room! Aww…

Get Clarity
We don't need to explain in depth because it is, of course, a shameless plug! However there’s something to be said for gathering over good content that isn't just a Netflix series or Facebook scandal. Content that gets you talking and exploring your experiences or questions. Instead of losing hours by scrolling or watching, grab yourself a good read. We suggest Clarity because you told us we help you to open up about important topics! Why not get your close friends, women's group or youth group to work through some of the topics which are speaking to you each season?

Bring paperback
Find yourself something paper-based that captures your imagination! Think about what makes you tick. Is it planning, writing, art, reading, memorising, learning? So many of us are used to pulling out our phones from our pockets for our every need. This includes Sunday-scrolling through whichever Bible-app we prefer in church. While there’s nothing wrong with that (they’re super handy!), there are plenty of printed publications which can enhance our minds. Many Bibles and books contain space for writing, questioning, drawing, painting, organising and more! Whether scripture-focused or not, have a search for something you find appealing.
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