Plants in the home : Which room is best?

Plants in the home : Which room is best?

Just like any living thing, plants thrive in conditions which they are designed for, and with a bit of TLC.  With this in mind, the rooms of our homes all have separate conditions perfect for nurturing all varieties of plants. 

The Bathroom:
Perfect for the growth of Aloe Vera! Every woman is familiar with the properties of Aloe, as it is often used to sooth and moisturise sensitive skin. It's normally grown in tropical environments where the hot and humid atmosphere helps Aloe to flourish, making a bathroom the perfect make-shift habitat, after your morning shower! They’re a great bathroom decor trick as they bring life and greenery to the space, while also having spa-worthy properties. If you find yourself sunburnt and have your own Aloe Vera plant to hand, all you need to do is snap off a leaf and squeeze the yellow gel onto your burnt skin… this works much more effectively than bottled products, but be warned, it smells a lot stronger too!

The Kitchen:
The heart of the home: full of warmth, love, and secret recipes. So, why not show your kitchen some appreciation and treat it to a White Jasmine (Jasminum Polyanthums)! This sweet smelling blossom brings life and can also cover up the smell of dirty dishes or that sneaky takeaway when you’ve had a hectic week - we’ve all been there! The flower will bring light and warmth to any kitchen - just remember to give it a water every two weeks, and make sure that it has access to sunlight, although not too much as this will burn the plant and prevent it flowering! When the White Jasmine flowers, the colourful blooms will cover every part of the stem - making it a main feature of your foodie station.  

The Living Room:
Some well-placed green friends can not only brighten a room and add decor, but they can also breathe new life into a room, literally filling it with oxygen and ridding it of toxins in the air. The Red-Edged Dracaena is a great addition to any living room. The shrub can grow as tall as the ceiling, if left unpruned, and also needs regular watering, so a space in your busiest room will keep you on track! It is best known for removing xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde, which are bought into indoor air by varnishes and gasoline. The red edges of the Dracaena against the green of the leaves will bring a vibrant colour to your living room.

The Bedroom:
The one place in the house which is solely yours for relaxation and the recharging of your batteries before the stress of life hits again. There’s nothing like the scent of lavender to send you to dreamland, plus its eye-catching lilac colour is perfect to compliment any wallpaper. The shrub is easy to grow and easy to maintain, so won’t interrupt your rest, fitting around the most hectic of lifestyles. Lavender has been used for years to help with anxiety and low moods, as well as physical illness. Great for setting the tone for your day.

So go out, treat yourself and your home to some of nature’s natural decorations - you don't have to have green fingers to give a plant a home.

Photo by Ergita Sela on Unsplash

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