Our team’s top 5 beauty products

Our team’s top 5 beauty products

Beauty products that we’re using this spring for an ethical and sustainable bathroom. We'll have more Team Picks in the next issue of Clarity

We’re sure you know by now, Clarity loves to explore new beauty options! It’s all about making small but good choices and changes. All of these beauty products are used by members of our team - so while they get a free ad, you get a spot of integrity! Each one has a planet-saving or sustainable benefit. If you’ve got beauty tips of your own, let us know for a chance to feature.

Lush UK Herbalism
This green machine face wash, from Lush UK, is like a soap, exfoliator and mask in one. Our editor Taylor has two pots in the bathroom! “Use water to create a paste or I prefer ‘smush’ing the dry mix onto a damp face - you lose less of the exfoliating ingredients. I use it once a week and every time my face feels brand new, and moisturised! Plus if you pop into a Lush store they’ll often give you a free mini-pot sample.” These tubs can be taken back to any Lush UK store once used, and are melted down and turned back into packaging!

Beauty Kubes
Chloe, who’s been working on our beauty swaps said: “The shampoo that saved my hair is a UK brand called Beauty Kubes. They are seriously amazing! I used to have awful dandruff and my hair appeared greasy even straight after washing with my usual shampoo! Then I tried a Beauty Kube (the one for oily hair) and I am back to only having to wash my hair once a week. My hair looks and feels great again and I swear it is growing faster!” These cute ‘kubes’ come free from your usual large plastic bottles and come in a variety of sweet colours. What’s not to love...

Body Shop Camomile cleanser
Our food writer, Millie, loves The Body Shop’s camomile cleanser. “It comes in a tin, has a beautifully subtle scent, and feels so luxurious! Washing it off with a steaming hot flannel is a dream and so relaxing.” Whether you’re reusing or recycling looking out for tinned products is always a good shout.

100% Coconut Oil
Recommended by our illustrator, Imogen, who says: “Coconut oil is the only thing that can take off waterproof mascara without leaving me with panda eyes in the morning. It’s the only thing I use to get rid of my makeup! Plus it’s a great moisturiser, and great in food. An all-rounder!” You can find coconut oil in most major supermarkets and health stores. Have a search for the best brands depending on what you want to use it for!

Beco Honey Blossom Shampoo Bar
These bars are plastic free, paraben and SLS free, and hypoallergenic! All of Beco’s products are - according to their strapline: ‘better considered’. Our features writer Kez said: “I adore this shampoo bar! It has no nasty chemicals and foams up really well, it's lasted me four months so far and I only have to wash my hair three times a week max!”

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