My menstrual cup experience...

My menstrual cup experience...

When it comes to periods our editor has become a cup half full kind of woman. She’s given you her 10 honest comments on the menstrual cup…

Ok, it took me long enough but I finally took the advice of my own writers and bought a cup! Exciting! Rather than giving an extensive feature on the benefits or too many details (for any men who have stumbled across our blog click away now), here's 10 snappy 'what to expect's so you're ready to face the day, cup half full.

It's the comfiest of uncomfortable solutions.
Aside from period pants which I'm yet to try out, for me this is the most cosy and comfortable of the 'uncomfortable' options because let's face it, no period is a comforting experience. But the cup sits snug and low, so doesn't dry you out or get dangerously close to your aching cervix. There's no uncomfy fabric, string or stickers - it’s simple, soft and secure. (I should get a commission for this...).

You don’t need to find a bin!
We all know the awkward sanitation-induced panic when we can’t spot a suitable bin for our disposables, especially at someone else’s house! With the cup, there’s no wrappers to worry about, so you’ll leave no trace in a new place.

There's less stuff in your bathroom.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Things are just tidier. You can keep your bathroom as a safe and sanitary space. Plus if you live with others, they don’t have to deal with wrappers, storage issues and full bins.

It's great for a scatty and forgetful person
Again, self-explanatory. Remembering to bring enough supplies for the day, or on longer trips is not my strong suit. I always find myself spending more in smaller shops to stock up! With the cup, you have one item to remember, and plenty of time to find a loo or get home to empty in your own space.

It's save-the-world satisfaction.
Even after one cycle, I felt so satisfied that my period (which is not my fault) hadn't contributed to landfill or ocean pollution problems. Well, apart from the paracetamol and chocolate wrappers but we'll tackle that next…

It's a little weird to insert first time.
My brand suggests folding the cup into a 'U' shape and inserting into the vagina.
What is supposed to happen: As you let go the cup returns to its normal egg-cup shape and sits snug against your wall.
What actually happened: I let go too soon and 'pinged' myself half-way in! Imagine something like letting go of an elastic band by accident. It didn't actually hurt but did shock me a little! After I braved attempt #2, each application has been totally fine and inserting in the shower (the instructions suggest inserting wet) is a great way to feel clean and comfortable as a starting point.

Money makers.
It’s nice to not have to work out the finances every time I buy. Not to form a pity-party but I’m definitely one to grab the best brands when they’re on offer. With this, it was a one time purchase that I’ll make back over the year! Plus, you can probably spot a menstrual cup on offer from time to time, which is a double bonus.

You can see what your body is doing.
This is both gross, and insightful. It never really crossed my mind that pads and tampons soak in your flow and so you don't get to see what your body is releasing. So often the advice for feminine health is to take note of what your period looks like. While it's not the nicest sight, there's a comfort in knowing if there was any sort of abnormality, I'd be able to spot any changes as I empty my cup.

You can’t lend to a friend!
I only have a couple of negatives and this one is an obvious one. I’m keeping a couple of tampons at our house for any future friend in need!

Removing and re-inserting can be a faff.
While it’s still my fave form of sanitary wear at the moment, I did get bored of the removal process and was apprehensive each time. The brand I’m using suggest pinching the cup at the bottom, leaning the cup and taking it out one side at a time. While I was worried about tipping the contents too early, the cup always stayed level! Win!

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