Millennial Mission, making a comeback ?

Millennial Mission, making a comeback ?

Written by : Gemma Gardner

Is mission a dated concept? Has it lost its youth? Mission Direct explore why millennial missionaries are making a comeback...

We share
In 2019, Facebook reported that over half of its users are members of a group.
Sharing on social media isn’t a new thing, but the trend now seems to be shifting to use it for something good; to spread kindness, raise a voice, partition for action around climate change. When scrolling through our timelines, the call to help can feel overwhelming because there’s so much need.

Good mission creates real relationship between you and your team, and you and the communities you are reaching. You’ll be moved by the heart and generosity of people who have very little in the way of ‘stuff’, but so much more in the way of love and faith. Mission will change you from the inside out, will enrich your faith and will fill your heart with bonds that will last forever.

We juggle
Our millennial to-do-list may have become overwhelming with pressures to ‘make it’ or ‘buy property’ creeping in. Shorter-term mission gives you the opportunity to stop for a moment, get away from the chaos. Use your body, time and energy to do something which will have a lasting difference. For example, helping to build a classroom which will educate a community for generations to come, opening better employment prospects, building a safe house for street kids, or a medical facility for people who have no access to treatment.

You’ll get a great sense of achievement in helping to create something and be impacted by the experience of struggle and priorities of those around the world. Working alongside those in need, who are striving to change their circumstances brings a new perspective. You might even learn how to be still and seek God amongst the busyness!

We explore
How often do you see Instagram feeds full of incredible views, wonders of the world and travel blogs - perhaps you have one! This generation craves authenticity and prefers to go off-piste, seeking out the ‘real’ experience. Mission takes you into the heart of all of that; you get to travel and explore places frequented by locals for food, music and culture. It enables you to come alongside communities, walking with them in everyday life and supporting them in their plight to improve their circumstances.

Mission will fuel your value of other cultures and help you begin to fight and speak for those who can’t. You’ll love feeling connected with the world, valuing it as God does! Using God’s creation to reflect on life and nourish your soul, means mission appeals because it enables you to do Kingdom work whilst exploring some of the world. Millennials are all about experience, and mission would offer it all - travel, relationship, new perspectives, being out of your comfort zone, evolving who you are.

We budget
Millennials are more money-conscious than ever, looking for new ways to budget and avoid debt. Three in five don’t have an overdraft and two in five don’t have a credit card. With your spend-savviness, a short mission trip would appeal, being something which enables you to see where and how your money is used. It would help you connect heart to mind and what you witness would shape and evolve your faith to balance your finances with love.

Mission would be an opportunity to visit a new community, meet local people and experience real resourcefulness, seeing the differences in how they live, work and exercise their faith would shape your perspectives like nothing else can. It will certainly encourage financial prioritisation.

We advocate
Civil rights, racial discrimination, gender bias, healthcare, education and employment are the causes millennials in this country consistently care the most about. As we have witnessed with such movements as #BlackLivesMatter , the Women's March and the boycotting of gossip magazines, millennials are willing to be active about issues that affect them directly.

At the same time, they engage on behalf of people who cannot speak for themselves. Millennials see themselves in the shoes of others who don't look like them, speak the same language, have the same education, or come from the same background -perhaps because of their high level of diversity. The biggest benefit of mission is that we get to see, hear and witness issues and challenges first hand. This is vital in a world where fake news is shared four times more frequently on social media than news from reputable sources. Experiences like this equip us to bring truth home and support those in need by sharing their truth. In actual fact, through mission, it will be us who learns from these communities and we’ll realise we don’t speak for them, we speak with them as a unified front on issues that affect us all.

So, whatever your passion, mission is as relevant now as it always has been. Use it to equip, broaden, shape, evolve, enrich, and sharpen those things that make you. Discover, explore and establish new parts of yourself along the way. Mission Direct makes it easy, facilitating UK and overseas mission trips for between 3 days and two weeks.

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