Matcha Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Matcha Green Tea Lemonade Recipe

Written by Millie Kilby

We can’t get enough of the summery recipes in this issue of Clarity - have you seen them!? Matcha tea has been a strong presence in Millie’s creations and so, we thought we’d leak her drink recipe for you to enjoy at your six-person garden parties this Easter… Cool off in the heat with a refreshing glass of matcha green tea lemonade with great health benefits.

For a fresh sharp lemonade use:
175g granulated sugar
900ml water approx.
175g fresh lemon juice (aprox. 3 1/2 large lemons)
5 matcha green tea bags

If you have a slightly sweeter tooth use:
220g granulated sugar with 150ml water to make the syrup.

1. In a small saucepan, simmer together the sugar and 125ml water until all the sugar has dissolved. Leave aside to cool.
2. This is the sugar syrup used to sweeten the lemonade.
3. Pour 385ml boiling water over 5 matcha tea bags and leave to steep for 3-5 minutes.
4. Squeeze 175ml fresh lemon juice into a large jug and add in the sugar syrup and 385ml cold water.
5. Add in the matcha green tea and stir until fully combined.
6. Top with ice and a fresh slice of lemon and enjoy!

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