Happy News : Spring 2019

Happy News : Spring 2019

Don't get bogged down by negative media, we've got happy headlines each season in Clarity!

Written by Ellie Selwood

USA - Dad gets the kidney transplant he desperately needed, thanks to an ‘in need of kidney’ t-shirt he wore around Disney World while on holiday with his family.
A photo of Mr Leibowitz at Disney went viral and was shared 33,000 times in the first day, and more than 90,000 times by the end of that week. Within a few days, the man had been contacted by about 100 people and ended up getting a successful kidney transplant.

Rwanda, Africa - Doctors in rural Rwanda can now text for medical supplies to be delivered by drone.
In a place where emergency supplies can be hard to deliver, drone technology is saving lives by dropping vital blood and medical supplies via parachute to doctors’ exact locations. Over 950 of these drone deliveries were made last year.

China, Asia – Giant pandas are no longer endangered and the Chinese government plans to build them a £1.1bn conservation park.
The park situated in the southwest Sichuan province is set to be more than twice the size of Yellowstone National Park and will not only keep pandas safe within an unbroken habitat but alleviate poverty among the 170,000 who live within the park’s proposed area.

Bristol, UK – Hats and scarves left on the street for those in need.
Volunteers at the Keep Bristol Warm project are leaving hats and scarves tied to fences, bollards and trees, which are free for people who need them. They have notes attached explaining that they are not lost but are available to take should you find yourself stuck out in the cold. London, UK – Milkman performs random acts of kindness on his rounds.
Ian Beardwell has become a local hero for doing things such as finding lost pets, returning stolen items and even chasing thieves, all during his milk round. He even won an award for looking after and reassuring a resident and his daughter following a burglary.

Colchester, UK – Animals enjoy unwanted Christmas trees.
Several businesses in Essex have given their unwanted Christmas trees a new life by donating them to Colchester Zoo. Zookeepers have hidden food in the trees to encourage foraging and play among the happy creatures.
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