Fashion and pop culture throwbacks for 2022

Fashion and pop culture throwbacks for 2022

There’s always time for a good throwback! Styles and trends seem to have a way of repeating themselves, and according to the Journal of Consumer Marketing, people turn to nostalgia in times of crisis – let’s take a look at the throwback ‘pandemic’ products taking centre stage again.


Space Jam
The original Space Jam came out in 1996, starring many greats including Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Danny DeVito, as well as some of America’s favourite cartoon characters, The Looney Tunes. It is the highest-grossing basketball film of all time, having grossed over $230 million worldwide, and is also the highest-grossing Looney Tunes film. No wonder they’ve rebooted it! Space Jam 2: A New Legacy features a combination of old favourite characters and modern stars like Zendaya and LeBron James. Look no further, the perfect throwback film is here!

Flared Jeans 

Who’d have thought it but flared jeans are back! 70s style is everywhere but Aurore Bardey, a senior lecturer in psychology at London Metropolitan University, argues that ‘the 70s flares were defined as an innovative way of wearing the usual denim associated with industrial workers… [new] flares are designed to be comfortable… and still be trendy.’  

70s furnishings  

Take one look at the likes of Oliver Bonas and you’ll see what we mean! Fringing, rattan, velvet and wicker are back as well as bold statement wallpaper and brightly coloured furnishings. The trend seems to be moving away from the monochrome minimalistic and embracing a more retro look. According to The Spruce ‘trends may come and go, but right now we're having a full-on 1970s love affair. The age of boho and disco has come back in full force, and it's hitting home—literally.’ 

Cassette Tapes 

This is one we never thought we’d see again in the age of streaming services but cassette tapes are back! The last time cassettes were popular it was 1989 and we were listening to Phil Collins but in 2019 Wired reported a huge sale of 75,000 cassettes – more than had been seen in a decade! Billie Eilish’s debut album sold 4,000 cassette copies and Bjork released her entire back catalogue on limited edition coloured cassettes. That figure grew again in 2020 seeing 65,000 cassettes sold by the end of June. 

Low-rise jeans 

And every 00s teen cries a little bit! On the complete other end of the spectrum from flares we have low rise jeans. These were a fashion staple in the early 2000s – check out some of Jennifer Anniston’s outfits in Friends and you’ll see what we mean! Models including Emily Ratajkowski and Bella Hadid, and singer Dua Lipa and Emily Fox have apparently been wearing them since last summer. According to The Guardian ‘It’s not just celebrities. Searches for low rise jeans are up 58% year on year on global fashion shopping platform Lyst.’ Don’t panic! As always, Clarity recommends wearing what you’re comfortable in! We just might be seeing a bit more of low-rise jeans as the weather gets warmer. 
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