Engagement ring budget hacks

Engagement ring budget hacks

Get it right with our top budget and benefit tips


BRIDAL BUDGET : The half-price diamond double !

Still want that star-like sparkle, but working to a budget? Make moissanite your new best friend. In terms of surface level properties, this stone shares sibling-like qualities to the diamond. Unless you’re an expert, they’re almost identical to the eye. The moissanite stone will shine with a brilliance that bounces light around a room. While diamonds are measured at 10 on the Mohs (hardness) scale, our secret substitute is not far behind at an impressive 9.25 If you’re not convinced, check them out online or in store.

WHITE RINGS : Are they wearing thin ? 

So when looking for a bright and fresh set - it’s important to know what you are searching for. It’s important to choose based on your values. If saving pennies is important, white gold is a great option. Teamed with rhodium to provide a white finish, this is a suitable substitute for platinum or titanium. However, when it comes to longevity, white gold could leave you worn down as the rhodium has a lower-life span than top-dogs titanium and platinum. If strength and reliability is key - spend a little extra for a scratch-free, strong band. Palladium is a perfect middle-ground as it’s way less expensive than platinum but will last longer than white gold!

SKIN STRUGGLES : It’s a sensitive topic !

If you have sensitive skin, it’s a great idea to choose an anti-rash ring. For those who are going for gold, you’re usually pretty safe. If you have struggled in the past, chances are it’s the copper or nickel alloys used in your jewellery and not the gold itself. As most engagement or high-quality rings are 18 carat or more, they tend to contain less irritating alloys. For a completely nickel-free zone, choosing platinum or palladium is a safe bet. If you’re still hoping to save some money, looking out for sterling silver that contains argentium instead of copper! You’ll still have a high percentage of silver (usually above 92%) while avoiding any allergies.

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