Editor's Letter : Summer 19

Editor's Letter : Summer 19

Taylor gives us a little insight as to what’s been going on in her life since her last letter...

Woohoo! Ice-cream time! And boy do I need some.

This year has already been pretty overwhelming - with financial burdens, health hits and planning mayhem, it’s been a journey of finding where true peace comes from. Continuing to support and shape Clarity in faith, planning a move without a location or funds, and realising my lovely fiancé has a lifelong health condition… it’s safe to say I’ve been learning the true meaning of commitment!

Chasing our dreams without a clear picture of how it will work out can be really scary - and I’m sure many of you know exactly what it feels like. For others, you may be wondering what your dream even is and feel restless without movement. Either way, we can all rest assured that the sun always comes. In the same way that those who grow crops and plants have to graft through all seasons to prepare, we too can take pleasure in where we’re at and anticipate the fruit that comes from it.

I am so grateful to have a gorgeous team of volunteers supporting me. I’m so grateful to have a church of great friends anticipating our arrival post-wedding. I’m so grateful to have witnessed how Nathan handled his body giving up (I call SOS for a splinter).
There is always goodness to be found. So let’s be countercultural and pause, take a seat and soak up that sunshine.

It's summertime.

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