Editor's letter : Spring 19

Editor's letter : Spring 19

Taylor freaks out about her quarter century goals, and introduces a magazine full of calm-inducing features...

The cold is gone, the sun is here, and round and round we go. In some ways I feel I only just wrote a spring editor’s letter and yet here we are again! What a blur… In other ways, I can feel the length of the year in every small decision and each huge breakthrough that has been preparing me for what is to come. The blossom before the fruit, if you will...

Turning 25 before achieving my quarter-century goals, and agreeing to marry my best friend...who I have to live with... and who is a male...had me laughing (somewhat hysterically) at how unpredictable life can be. But every experience and change has brought about important lessons and challenged my maturity in such a good way. It’s been a strange and exciting few months and you’ll find a lot of my own life concerns in this issue. Maybe you’ll empathise? Our writers discuss new homes (yep!), fear of marriage (check!), and I explore the cervix after receiving my birthday invitation to the gyno (woohoo!).

I’ll also be joining more of our ‘betrothed’ writers as we get real about engagement. Plus, our Fruit of The Spirit this issue is love - so we’re high on the feels this season ladies. Why not pass on your mag to a friend once you’re done and share the love yourself. In that same spirit, I just want to say we love you. All of you! We love that our family of readers is so diverse, powerful and growing. You’re with us on this journey as we ‘figure it out’ and it’s a privilege!

We’d love to come and meet more of you, so don’t forget to get in touch about any events you’d love to see Clarity visit and we’ll see what we can do! For those of you we see in the Summer, we’re so excited to catch up and catch some rays with you again. Until then have a great spring!

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