Editor's camping hacks: underrated essentials

Editor's camping hacks: underrated essentials

After the first of our summer events, our editor has pieced together some hidden hacks for a better camping experience...

The inflatable giraffe:
Or shark. Or unicorn. We’re not picky. In fact this must-have is all about acquiring a suitable marker for your friends to find, when entering a huge crowd. Now, I’m a little split on the ethics of seat-saving, but if you’re at a huge event it can be helpful for your party to be easily seen in the big-top or field. It’s also a great idea to prop your item up above your campsite for late-night navigation back from the toilet blocks. Clarity have been known to carry an illuminated pineapple or two, which have been a huge hit. And no, they’re not for sale!

The Readybed:
If you’ve got a few pennies spare to make your camping trip comfortable, the ‘ReadyBed’ is a great shout for sleeping in. I recently borrowed one and had the best night’s sleep. The sleeping bag is already attached to the blow-up mattress, which is a big space saver, while the bed itself folds down really easily and actually fits back into the bag - imagine! There were no air leaks, and for 5 days I managed to stay above the ground and in good condition. Brilliant!

The jigsaw floor:
Some of us are on a budget. And that’s totally OK. But when sleeping in a field, comfort may be compromised. If you can’t afford the latest blow-up Readybed, children’s foam jigsaw floors are great to insulate your pod, while providing a softer ground to sleep on. Not to mention the burst of colour it adds to a miserable tent interior. Hit Amazon or Google for some price comparisons. A couple of blankets and duvets may be enough to keep you cosy if you’re the low maintenance type!

The Chilly’s bottle:
Camping is usually too hot or too cold. There never seems to be an in-between. But with a thermos bottle, you can carry a touch of luxury. The Chilly’s bottle (and the many fake versions - sssh!) are beautifully bold, and attractive. They keep cold things cold for up to 24 hours, and hot things hot for 12 hours! So whether you need some icy rehydration in the middle of a music set, or a steamy hot water in the middle of the night - you’ll be sorted.

The plant-sprayer:
You know the little spray bottles used for equal coverage on your foliage? Well they’re fantastic for wetting your curls for a good brush through, without entering the toilet queue. You can find them in any helpful home store - try IKEA! Filling with water at the start of the week means you can wet and style your hair in the comfort of your own … field. No need to queue or avoid people’s toothpaste and make-up marks in the communal sinks. You’ll be ready for the day before your off-peak afternoon shower. Perf! Telling the truth, I may have even sprayed my face for a quick wipe down!
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