Easy exercises to raise your heart rate at home

Easy exercises to raise your heart rate at home

Written by Hannah Wright - Wright Step Fitness

Getting your heart rate up is key in burning fat, assisting weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels. Aerobic exercise helps to improve your immune system too- essential if you’re a woman on the move and needing to be on top form to make the most of your adventures and travels. For these exercises you'll need a small platform, like a step, low wall or bench. Complete each exercise for 50 seconds, have a ten-second rest then move onto the next exercise. Aim for five complete rounds of the exercises - roughly 15 minutes in total.

Step-up hops
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1. Standing in front of your platform, step your right foot up and onto it.
2. Ensure your entire foot is secure and placed on the surface to make sure you are safe and stable.
3. From here, shift your weight onto your right foot, push up to a straight leg and gently hop your foot off the platform.
4. Land on a soft knee and continuing bending that right leg until the left foot returns safely to the floor.
5. Repeat this for 25 seconds before repeating with the left leg on the platform for a further 25 seconds.

Begin the exercise slowly at first to ensure you are safe and familiar with the form. Once your confidence grows, you can then pick up the speed.

Toe Taps
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1. Begin by facing your platform with your right leg bent and raised off the floor.
2. Gently tap the right toes onto the top of your platform, keeping your chest up and your core engaged. Then quickly switch your feet so that your right foot is now on the ground and your left toes are tapping the platform.
3. To add extra intensity to this exercise, pump your arms in sync as you move your legs.

Assisted Burpees
1. Place both hands flat on the platform, keeping your arms straight without locking your elbows, so you are in a plank position.
2. Jump both feet in towards the platform so you are in a squat position, remove your hands from the platform and jump up towards the ceiling with your arms above your head.
3. Land with both knees bent to protect your joints, place your hands back onto the platform and jump your feet back so you return to a plank position.
4. If you need to simplify this exercise, step your legs in towards the platform one at a time rather than jumping, and simply reach above your head rather than jump.
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