Beach trip : Sustainable sun-bathing

Beach trip : Sustainable sun-bathing

Get shore saving with our packing tips. It's time for some sun, sea and sand...

Written by Abi Coleman

With an average of 718 pieces of plastic being found over 100meters of beach in the UK, we’ll soon find there isn’t much sand left for us to lay our towels on. Let's keep it clean with our beach-tips.

Fun in the sun.
Your inflatable unicorn, umbrella, or the more reserved bucket and spade are made from plastics that cause harm to marine life. But biodegradable buckets and spades are available, made from corn based non-plastics! Grab a small canvas tee-pee for some mid-day shade instead of a parasol, and explore other eco-friendly ways to have fun in the sun.

Bring your own
Save money and the planet by bringing your lunch and snacks. You’ll ditch single use plastics and can pack some skin-protecting snacks! Tomatoes, avocados, pomegranates and green tea provide extra vitamins and minerals to keep your skin tip top. (Make sure to apply sun cream as well!).

Confront the kiosk
You may be offered plastic cutlery and straws for your lunchtime salad or afternoon milkshake. But the Telegraph reports these items make up one in five pieces of litter found on Britain’s shores. Why not be brave and ask the kiosk at your fave sunbathing spot to opt for paper straws and wooden cutlery - and if there aren’t enough recycling bins, throw that in as well!

Pick up 3
It’s the little things. Support the new beach cleaning campaign and pick up at least 3 pieces of plastic every time you visit. Often the smaller the better as it’s these microplastics the fish think are food, which cause a lot of harm. Join the movement and tag your snaps with #pickup3, #cleanup or #plasticocean – don’t forget to tag @claritymaguk - we’d love to regram!
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