Advice For Girls : Us at 15 years old

Advice For Girls : Us at 15 years old

It's International Day of the Girl and let's be honest, it's not always easy to be one! We're backing Compassion UK's work in Brazil and joining their #AdviceForGirls campaign - here's what we'd say to our 15 year old selves...

Compassion UK are currently working on supporting and advising girls in Brazil, where 1/5 girls are married before they are 15. Around the world, our culture and circumstances are widely different but there are some things we can all agree we'd love to have heard when we were younger. Here's the Clarity team's #AdviceForGirls. Share yours on social media, with a snap of your younger self to support Compassion - give them a tag @CompassionUK and don't forget to text 'EMPOWER' to 70140 to give £4 to the cause!

Taylor - Clarity Editor
"Don't squeeze yourself into society's timelines. There's a time for everything , to stay single, to be out of pocket, to dream and to build. You're right on time. Relax."

Abi - Clarity Writer
"Don’t be ruled by your heart. Your mind can discern truth much more powerfully."

Emma - Clarity Events
"One piece of advice I’d give 15-year-old me is to remember my true identity as a daughter of God and to stop trying to earn His love. You don’t have to be perfect and have it all together. Bring your mess to Him and He will accept you as you are. God wants an authentic relationship with you; nothing and no-one could ever separate you from His love. Exchange the guilt over never quite being “good enough” for His grace because there’s nothing better."

Sarah - Clarity Events
" Don’t try so hard to please others, their opinions of you doesn’t have an effect on your life! Embrace your quirks and do what makes you happy, not what makes you fit in..."

Ellie - Clarity Writer
" My advice to 15 year old me would be to keep following your dreams and passions and not to listen to the nay-sayers, you don't want to live with regrets and what-ifs!"

Sandeep - Clarity Events
"Life is gonna get hard Sandeep and only harder from here so cling tightly to Jesus and hold on to Him for the ride ahead cause He’ll be the only boat that holds through the storms!"

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